28 June 2015


After a long hiatus of not posting, I think it's about time I did.

By now, whether it be a quiet night out with your gay besties or in an altered state of ecstasy that has you currently tied-up; gagged in a sling; and force fed another whiff of a freshly-opened bottle of poppers, you hopefully have been immersed in the festivities of your own Gay Pride, but you have also been immersed in the momentous occasion of the Supreme Court of the United States' ruling in favor of Gay Marriage, now just marriage.

The excitement still is strong, especially living in the NYC area. But as in the past decade, social media has proven to be the medium where people feel comfortable expressing their agreement or disagreement with the state of affairs here in the US and in other countries. From the Arab Spring to the cries for help and aid during Hurricane Sandy of 2012, the decision and, in some cases, hatred for the gay community is not immune to the voice of the technologically savvy.

On my personal Facebook page, I posted a few hours after the ruling:

I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by awesome friends and people on facebook. I do feel bad for those who feel they have to "unfriend" because of the ignorance of their contacts and I get the frustration. However, I'm not going to do that. All of you know I'm a teacher and you also know I'm gay. I'd rather be able to school you than dismiss you. If you're against the ruling on GAY marriage - which is now just MARRIAGE - because you believe government has no business in social issues, then that's cool. But if it's an attempt to veil your hatred for homosexuals and the community I belong to, please do yourself a favor and reevaluate the reason why you are "friends" with me. Your call.

I waited. And I waited for backlash. But nothing. Not because I wanted a fight, but secretly because I was afraid of the friends I may lose in sharing or oversharing which I am notorious for doing. But my echo-chamber had possibly been prepping over the years as there was nothing but love and rainbow-altered profile photos. #lovewins

But as quickly as the warm-and-fuzzies ended to let cynicism over the ruling set in, to my dismay, so were the same friends who posted support as they posted their own sad commentary of needing to click "unfriend" for those less supportive.

There is much to go still. Sure the right is recognized, but by whom?

Point of the conversation: It will never be over, but #lovewins.



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