20 August 2014

(I'd Fuck It) Challenge

I'm probably way late on this post.

However, I think the time I've given to not being on top of blogging on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has afforded the world the beauty that is the human male body.

For those who are still not with the program: through social media avenues, people pour a bucket of ice-filled water on themselves in the name of ALS or Lou Gherig's disease then pass on the deed through challenging friends to do the same or donate $100 to the cause - in some cases, such as mine, some completed the challenge and donated as well.

The philanthropic-fad sweeping the nation has brought some controversy - "Why do that at all? Just donate!"or "Why are you wasting clean water to get motivated to avoid donating to charity?" - But one thing is for certain, just like the Britney Spears head shaving of 2007 or the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction of 2004, it has garnered enough of the philanthropic at heart to not pass up the chance to not only brandish their half naked bodies on the worldwide interwebs, but also donate to a great cause.

Feast your eyes . . . . HERE.

Or here. . .

Point of the conversation: Just do it.

- Dee Cue

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