03 July 2014

Guy Loves Guy Loves Girl . . . and Guy . . . s

Why do I do it?

I always fall for the guy who likes woman wants to dabble with guys and ends up leaving me in the dust. I am totally comfortable with owning up to guys not liking me and moving on; have you read my blog lately? But come on. Seriously?

My love affair with Ian lasted all of three weeks.

I met Ian on Craigslist looking to hook-up late one night. We actually missed each other the first time because I fell asleep and when I posted again the night after because I was brimming with cum, he was quick to respond again.

We finally meet up after an endless exchange of emails - checking if I was discreet (or discrete?), clean, negative, gay, bi, straight, curious, "for real." He of course, was straight and curious. Also, he refused to send a face picture which is usually a deal-breaker, but he was confident in his "VGL" status and even encouraged me to turn him away if I wasn't to standards. I almost had my fill of the 20 Questions game until he asked for my address. JACK POT.

He arrives and was definitely to my standards - breathing with a dick.

He brought over a bottle of vodka and some mixers to calm our nerves and because he "rarely does this." Ian was very intelligent with a great job. Allegedly, newly out of a relationship - with a girl - and was open to newer things sexually. So we finished a few rounds of vodka sodas and ended up making out and fucking.

We hung out again, but after that, I didn;t hear from him for a week. To which he sent a long text about feeling bad. "Why?" "So much going on in my life and my girlfriend is trying to talk to me again." Sigh. I told him to do what he had to do and hopefully we could hang again in the future. The future was three hours later. That night though, after playing in-and-out, he suggested looking for a third.

My apartment became a revolving door of third parties, the last of whom stayed the night. The three of us. In my bed. Oy vey!

Another full week passes and when I contact him, he tells me he is seeing someone and HE wants to be exclusive. Ian wants to be open to it so he doesn't think it would be a good idea for use to meet up just yet. WHAT?! I told him I was happy for him, but was regretful I didn't ask about a homosexual exclusivity pact because I would have been totally open to the idea of a relationship with him - I just thought he wasn't even about that life because of his insistence on a third and fourth and fifth and sixth. Bah.

Point of the conversation: Beware the str8 man.

- DeeCue


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