30 June 2014


Another Pride has come and gone in NYC.

Last night, as the music was dying down on the pier...as the drag queens were de-lashing...as the out-of-towners were getting on their flights to the next pride-party in X-City, I stumbled upon my young-not-yet-20-friend's Facebook status that read:

I'm probably gonna get so much shit for saying this but I think pride is the most ridiculous thing ever. If gay people think they need to celebrate pride to feel good about themselves, then straight people should have pride to, because whether your gay or straight we should all have pride in ourselves for who we are, we don't need a few days every year to celebrate it we should be celebrating our pride everyday. End of story

To which I replied:

Oh [friend], so much to learn. Pride is all about being able to be who you are. The Stonewall Riots (look it up) is what it was all about. [Th]ere was a time when you were arrested for being open. Pride is a celebration of that end.

And followed up with:

Straight people are lucky they don't have a parade. They don't have to prove anything or celebrate the end of hatred.

There were a lot of comments in favor of what he said, agreement with my soap-box, and some pax-freaks who want everyone to be happy. This is one discussion I won't idly stand-by on. As I as proudly wrote years ago in Sticks and Stonewall, there were many who fought for the basic human right of being who you are and want to be. For someone, albeit a young friend of mine, to be as naive to say "I don't get it" is seriously a heinous display of ignorance. Sure, have your opinion, but to not understand and know the struggle the gays before you endured as you sit there in judgement of those who do appreciate in their own way by parading around in leather and feather is even more "disgusting."

Sashay away, gurl.

Point of the conversation: We're here. We're queer. Get used to it.

- DeeCue


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