06 November 2013

Holy Twerk-ball, Batman!

I first saw it on InstinctMagazine.com. Amazed.

I shared it with several friends through Twitter, Facebook, email, iMessage, text. Amazing.

I went to the gym to work off the pent up sexual tension and to my dismay when I got back to get my jerk on while he got his tweak on, it disappeared. If you don't know what I'm referring to, check out the Vine compilation of catcher (yes, that's his position) John Magnum (yes, that's his name), a NC State Baseball player who decided to hijack his friend's Vine account and plaster himself twerking, wiggling, and Dougie . . . ing.

Whatever the fuck he is doing, I just can't. It's got me all hot and bothered.

Originally, these were their own Vines, but apparently because they were "going viral," his friend Brett Austin was forced to take it down by his coach. You know, because they were only supposed to be for them to see . . . makes sense now, right? Well, thank gawd someone with nimble fingers quick edited them together and posted up on YouTube before the damage was done. I mean, I couldn't find the tweaking one ANYWHERE.

- DeeCue

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