27 June 2013

Gay Gay Gay Rights

I've had some time to digest everything that has gone down in the last 24+ hours in the United States - from the striking down of DOMA (Section 3) and Prop 8 to the many supportive facebook posts by friends to the many anti-marriage equality thoughts and posts by now ex-friends - and I've realized we have come a long way and that's just in my time as an early thirty-something gay man. And just to clarify, you may have your opinion as I am allowed to have mine, but when yours comes from a deep rooted place of hate veiled (or not) in some insane religious and biblical belief that I don't share, you deserve to be cut off. I mean seriously, if I don't believe in God, what other argument you got?

Below is in a nutshell (from PBS.com) what has been rightfully recognized and given to the LGBT community. It spells out a lot of things I didn't know myself.

- DeeCue

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