01 May 2013

Never Stay

We've all heard that old adage "Just get out, gurl" in reference to bad or abusive relationships, but I've come to discover that such advice goes much much further.

I've had my share of "bad" relationships in my time. There was this guy, who opened his home to me after staying in my own was no longer an option, only to treat me with such disrespect that I actually found myself bargaining with my conscience to let me me stay. I knew it was bad for me, but all my other options were, at the time, worse. So I sucked it up and continue to spiral deeper until I was practically sleeping with my keys hidden on my body so as not to get them taken from me in the middle of the night, thus locking me out the next day.

We rationalize a lot in our lives. But one thing we should never do is settle for a home— whether it be with our parents, a partner, friends, or even the place we work— that is less than we deserve. Our environments shape us more radically than we think. Negativity is deathly contagious, and it'll make you watch as your dreams shrivel up and die.

I'm currently going through this transition with my career. Thankfully I have a wonderful partner and a place to live to help keep me grounded. I often wonder would I have the strength to stand up for myself and make such drastic changes if not for his support. I don't know... but I know who I am and who I want to be, and as I've stated before, if you don't decide who you are, someone else is going to do it for you...

You are your environment— make it beautiful. 

No matter what,

Johnny C

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