28 May 2013

Hate Crime

What the fuck is going on, NYC?

From start to present, the tally runs . . .

May 5:
Four men allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs as they attacked Nick Porto and Kevin Atkins near Madison Square Garden.

May 7:
A man was assaulted in Union Square by another man who allegedly used anti-gay slurs.

May 8:
Two men reportedly shouted anti-gay slurs as they attacked a man who was leaving Pieces bar on Christopher Street

May 9:
Two gay men were attacked by a group of other men allegedly shouting anti-gay slurs near the 33rd Street PATH Station. Port Authority police officers quickly arrested two of the suspected perpetrators.

May 17:
A gay man, Mark Carson, was shot to death by another man who allegedly assailed the victim and another gay man with homophobic slurs and chased them out of a pizzeria on Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village before the shooting.

May 20:
At 5:30pm, a peaceful rally against hate violence was held starting from the LGBT Center to where Carson was shot, then that night . . .

May 20:
Dan Contarino, a former promoter of Shampoo Nightclub’s Shaft Fridays, was jumped at Avenue D & 4th Street,” writes Bruce Yelk, a close friend of Contarino’s, on his blog Nightlife Gay.  Yelk also reports witnesses saying the male assailant yelled “faggot” as he kicked and beat Contarino.

**The hate crime took place the same night community and political leaders joined hundreds of upset New Yorkers to march in a peaceful demonstration against the recent spate of anti-gay violence.**

May 21:
A gay couple was attacked in SoHo by two men yelling gay slurs. The incident took place on Broadway, between Prince and Houston streets. The NYPD has since charged Fabian Ortiz, 32, and Pedro Jimenez, 23, with assault.

May 24:
One of the latest targets of an antigay hate crime in New York was activist and founder of Queer Rising, Eugene Lovendusky of Queens, who was attacked in Manhattan alongside his boyfriend.

Let this be the end. To say the least, I am surprised and appalled. In a time when the media has begun to see the "gay man" as more than just a comical character; in a time when marriage equality is finally coming to the forefront in not only the US but the world as well; in a time when DOMA has been repealed, there exist these biased attacks?

I have only this to say: come at me, motherfuckers. I'll be out in HK (512 West 42nd at 9:30pm) ready to fuck your shit up.

- DeeCue

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