04 April 2013


We all have a type— you know, that perfect recipe of physical features and personality traits that make even the butchest of us swoon like a southern belle. And no matter how versatile and open minded we proclaim ourselves to be, biology rules. But upon seeing the new flick The Host last weekend, it got me thinking about something that I haven’t given much thought since reading the novel— You never know where you’re going to find your home.

We all have ideas about who we’re going to fall in love with, what kind of life would make us happy; but is having such a crystallized vision healthy, or does it keep us from seeing ourselves, and the ones we chose to love, objectively?

There was this guy. I dreamed about him for as long as I could remember— tall, strong, soft muscle, chiseled jaw with a touch of scruff, dark hair, light eyes, confident yet not cocky, laid back, kind and sensitive to others, someone content with his lot in life, stable, supportive. I searched for him everywhere....

Two things happened as a result— either I chased after guys I thought embodied all those traits yet really I was just projecting what I wanted them to be, or, I ignored, and often times hurt, genuinely sweet guys who would’ve been better for me than any dream I could muster up.

Love comes in more shapes and sizes than you can shake your wand at. My narrow view of what would make me happy prevented me from seeing that until it was too late. So you know that cutie at the bar who’s a little soft around the midsection, or that faithful friend of yours you never bothered to give two jerks towards...

Look a little longer; you may be surprised at what you will find.

As I said, you never know where you’re going to find your home. There are more things in heaven and earth than any of us can dream up.

Johnny C

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