22 April 2013

Pride & Prejudice

It takes all kinds to make the world to round— some more desirable than others— but, my father said something rather profound to me this weekend, "Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

There's this guy, who I'm forced to see on nearly a daily basis, that I can't stand. He's the Judgey Judy type— rude, snippy, disrespectful, overly critical (of everyone and everything but himself), always the bubble popper and the first to tell you what you can and can't do. He's the loudest in the room, even talking over those already speaking. He appears to have no regard for the feelings of others (whether sociopathic or an attempt to mask his own insecurities and pain— idk), and he can never seem to shut up about his own asinine accomplishments. The spotlight must always be aimed on him— which makes me wonder if he even realizes how much it exposes his ugly flaws. I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at abstaining from rolling my eyes (a habitual habit of mine), but around him, I fall off the wagon.

Yet as my father said, every now and then, something comes out of his mouth that's actually helpful. The question then becomes, do I swallow my pride and put aside my prejudices or blow him off like every cell in my body is screaming for me to do?

I think it's sort of like admitting when you're wrong. It's difficult. Accepting that someone you despise can actually help you forces you to go: "Maybe I wasn't 100% right about this person...?"

Granted, he may still be an ass. And the minute I'm free from him I'm taking off like a Kenyan after a gazelle. But I've learned, if forced to be around people I don't like, I shouldn't shut them out completely.

They may just say something worth a listen.

Stay objective. 

Johnny C

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