09 March 2013

Six Degrees of Separation

Last night, one of my friends was talking about how in college he and his rugby friends would play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - you know, the game where Kevin Bacon is ultimately linked to another actor via a chain of other actors. So there was this guy . . .

Last summer, there was a really cute guy, Joe, who I started talking to on Grindr. A lot of back and forth, but nothing came of it. A few months later, there was another attempt to meet up as I was in his area visiting friends in Downtown Jersey City during Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, I was on my way back home. Though he did mention that we should get together for a run since he joined Front Runner New York and it was my profile picture. Cool.

Fast forward to February. I told him maybe we should do some long-runs together on Saturdays for motivation, but nothing really worked out because of other obligations, hangovers, and weather. But things got easier since he moved into Hell's Kitchen.

So the day finally came. NYC Half is coming up on March 17th and I have a few more runs to do. I went on the run today with him. Cute guy, slim and athletic. We shook hands and quickly exchanged some info on each other so as not to be totally awkward. As we were talking about where in Jersey City he was when we first started talking, he mentioned a new complex that sounded familiar to me. I had lived across the park from that building several years back and . . . I knew someone who live there. "Oh, really? Who's that?" "A guy named Rick Smith." "What? That's my ex."

So it turns out that Rick, who is talking to my friend Matt, dated and lived with Joe for 4 years. In comes Matt who is now talking to Rick and actually met Joe at their mutual friend's birthday party. Rick had his birthday party a few weeks ago where I met all of his friends who were in turn Joe's friends as well. I in turn slept with most of them - because I'm a whore. Whew! Did you get all that? (Cue: Disney's It's a Small World After All.)

Point of the conversation: I am a slut. No that's not the point. The point is that the gay world is really small, even smaller when karma is ready for you.

- DeeCue

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  1. I remember having similar issues throughout the course of my life. Especially in college. I remember one time when my bf at the time told me about a day when we were separated that he ran into his ex and my ex together, both of whom we dated at the same time.

    o_O Argh my head hurts.

    Anywho, it's frightening how small the community gets. That used to be one of my biggest fears when moving to a new place. It didn't take long for me to connect all the incestuous dots of who slept with who and who's now dating who.

    I always wanted to avoid stepping into that tangled web. But ultimately, I've discovered it's fruitless. We all have pasts, and for some reason, they all intersect. Maybe it has to do with the relative short shelf-life of many young gay relationships. Perhaps there really aren't enough of us to go around. Or maybe we're all brainwashed to lust after the same ten types of guys that we therefore neglect the huge untapped potential of the great big gay sea.

    P.S. I think I always hated that small world ride... kinda creepy. O_O


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