17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Colin Farrell says Happy St. Patty's!

The first person I think of when the words "St. Patrick's Day" are uttered is Colin. Sigh. His brogue. His dark features. His, well, un-cursed Irish parts. Who knew he did a full-nude, sex scene with some clam in his mouth and around his shaft? Ok, I didn't. (See what I'm talking about after the blessing.)

And now, an Irish Blessing:

May you learn you bench press more
than that sexy guy with jeans tore
and his roommate acknowledge
that dumb tool can really snore.

May you find your missing abs
and your armflesh stop jiggling.
May your fly stay zipped
and that fungus stop tickling.

May you learn about the bully:
His childhood nickname was Twinky,
and his little winkie
is smaller than your pinky.

May your genius truly astound,
your belly be flatten'd
and your wallet fattened,
not the other way around.


Now, go have a Guinness and play with someone's Lucky Charms.

- DeeCue

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