11 February 2013

What Do Catholics Have For Breakfast?


Yes, I didn't know Papals could pull out either. Jokes aside, the guy is gone. It hasn't happened since 1415.


Gregory XII resigned to end a schism; Celestine V because the future Boniface VIII goaded him into retirement; and Pope Benedict IX to make money. This is really without precedent.


Coming from a gay-Catholic who has perseverated over a religion that preaches hatred for who I am, I don't see hope in his resignation. I see him being replaced by someone who is just as - if not more - hate-filled. The pool of cardinals runs deep AND old. The "work" of the Catholics will be carried on. Do you think there is something coming down the pike with his blood all over it or is it truly due to illness? "Wait and See" (said to tune of "Taste and See" hymnal).

For those who don't think it is hate-filled? Brian Sims, Philadelphia Representative:

"[T]his Pope has hated, pretty proactively. Covered up child molestation cases and been outspoken in his insurance that gay people not be afforded civil rights. You don't have to scream or yell to hate."

- DeeCue

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