06 February 2013

RIP: Arpad Miklos


Peter Kozma aka Arpad Miklos was found dead 3 February in his NYC apartment after allegedly committing suicide. A note was found with him.

Arpad was a gay and straight porn star not only serviced by many, but also served many in our gay community. Hungarian-born chemical engineer, Miklos came to the US deciding to enter a career in adult films and escorting and since then has made roughly 60 films as well as a music video with Perfume Genius in Hood (see below).

I remember first seeing Arpad in the second DVD porn I ever purchased (Manhunt: The Movie, 2004) and ever since then have been in lust with him. He got more handsome with age, topped with authority, and blew with veracity. But why? What was going on? If it was suicide, why?

It's awfully sad. He was 45.

Point of the conversation: You never really know.

- DeeCue

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