08 January 2013

Tubular Tuesday: Balloon Knot

Sorry, I just like saying balloon knot . . . feel even cheekier when I type it.

Having seen the latest Bond movie, I'll be the first to admit that I am a sucker for a guy in a tie: in the elevator in the morning. In the gym locker room undressing. In my bed with nothing on but the tie. Just awesome. Or maybe it was Daniel Craig. In any case, I feel for some it's a special occasion type of accessory, so I would like to gay it forward and learn ya something - especially if all you normally tie is a sad four-in-hand knot. Personally, I use the Windsor and could use a change up every now and then. Especially that Eldridge one . . . talk about twist of an ending.

Related, I love to sport a bow-tie every now and then . . . but never can really use it for a blindfold.

- DeeCue

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