02 January 2013

The Pleasure Was All Yours

Something about a confident guy is hot. Something about an arrogant guy is disgusting.

You know when you have to just get up and head to the potty in the middle of the night for a wee and hope to god you can bet back to sleep? But when you get back to bed, you toss and turn, thoughts for the next day run through your mind and there you are: awake. On a morning I couldn't get back to sleep, I was looking on line to see who was up also, but mostly to pass time and hopefully pass out. In any case, Paolo was. He wanted to have a quick jerk sesh and I was down for it. One of the things I asked first was why he was up so early. I mean, I knew why I was, why was he at 4am. "Have you been partying?" "No."

Dope. "I'll be there in a few.

I get to his place and see that his original chest picture did him no justice as he was wearing a physique fitting thermal and baggy sweats that sagged just enough to reveal the coveted "V" cut or man hips. We talk briefly and I ask him about why he was really up. "I have a boxing class." Noticeable and true. He asked why I was up and I told him I couldn't sleep and was going to head out for a run if I didn't find what I was looking for. Smirk from him. "Did you find it?"

Ok, time-out.

This should've been somewhat of a red flag for me. It's not that I don't like the confidence and the silly dirty talk, it's just for me, it ruins the mood. I don't like corny. I can't hide that I don't like it and my immediate reaction is to giggle - incessantly. (PS I failed Drama 101.)

We slowly undressed each other, feeling our bodies on each other - mine smooth on his moderately hairy. He hugged and caressed me close to his body, squeezing and letting go, squeezing and letting go. It was an amazing feeling. Mini-massage meets airport good-bye. Even better when we were fully naked and climbing into bed.

So yes, we jerked and exploded everywhere. I toweled off and stood next to the bed watching him touch his chest with eyes closed, caressing himself as if imagining it were still continuing, allowing his post-ejaculatory cock throb with sperm oozing out. Pretty hot, I'll admit. Then it happened. He slowly opened his eyes and said:

"Do you like what you see?"

I left.

Point of the conversation: Have some humble pie and be normal.

- DeeCue

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