07 January 2013

Bold & Delicious

So I’ve been putting off my first post for days. Naturally, I want to make a good impression; prove that I deserve your time and attention. I dug through the posts before mine numerous times, trying to get a feel for content and tone, but along with inspiration, I also found something I didn’t expect— intimidation.

The experiences captured by my fellow bloggers are the stuff of Not Another Gay Movie legend. How was I ever to live up to such excitement? I haven’t been on a first date in forever. I haven’t had a litany of heart-racing sexual encounters (not for a lack of trying). I’m not even sure my antenna can tell the difference between a flirtatious come-hither stare and a lazy eye anymore. So what could I possibly have to offer?

A year ago, I would’ve let that mini-pity party scare me out of doing something I enjoy. But see, there was this guy... he taught me that we can either be our own best friend, or our own worst enemy. He reminded me the lesson that all our disco divas have been trying to instill in us for generations— Be yourself.

There are many voices in our community. We come in different shapes, styles, from different backgrounds, with different preferences and mannerisms. In essence, no two queers are cut the same.

So who's to say the time I stalked a straight boy for Valentine’s Day because I thought he liked me only to find out I made it all up in my head isn’t worth sharing? Or the time I almost got thumb raped by a wino and propositioned for a threesome on my boyfriend’s birthday? Or how about the countless, and I mean COUNTLESS, times I’ve skipped aimlessly down the dating highway with no regard to my own safety or that of innocent bystanders...

The point of this conversation: There isn't one way to be gay.

So I’ll raise my voice, if you raise yours. Comment. Tweet. Whichever one of those is in nowadays, just— Let me know that you are there.

I look forward to running into you. ;)

Johnny C

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