06 November 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: WillSon are Gonna Do IT!

I haven't watch soap operas since I was about 10 years old.

I used to watch All My Children with David Canary and Michael E. Knight. Knight always looked like he had something to say when you knew he didn't and Canary always looked like he was going to drop dead in every scene. But those days of turning on my stories are over. Until now!

With Days of Our Lives being one of the last few daytime soaps on, they are trying to get to every facet of soap operay and attract every demographic of our changing progressive country they can IMHO to liven things up. The budding relationship between gay characters Will and Sonny is absolutely amazing. Aside from a terribly suspenseful run of this particular story plot of two fairly decently good-looking gay lads, DOOL spared no expense at making the acting just as horrible as their hetero counterparts, too. Equality, people!

Personally, I only started watching the clips on Youtube because none of the other stories are worth catching up on. But this one is pretty good. Take a look at the clip. Not to mention that Chris Evans' real life gay bro is one of the bois ;)

- DeeCue

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