22 November 2012

Happy Spanksgiving, Enjoy the Stuffing!

Ah, another year, another turkey filled with delicious stuffing.

What's really fun about today is the last minute hooking up that occurs on hook-up sites, especially Craigslist where guys advertise for strangers to "Stuff My Turkey" or "I want to eat your Stuffing" or something to that effect involving candied yams. The witty postings and then the rush to relatives' houses for an all day, non-sexual stuffing.

Have a look for yourselves.

In all seriousness, though, I love this day and how it's dedicated to fully appreciating what you're thankful for. Some may appreciate the material which is fine if it's what they are truly thankful for, but others will pause and reflect on the people and things that truly make you alive.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

- DeeCue

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