28 October 2012

Sunday Tap: Sassy Sandy

She was bad ass then, she is bad ass now.

Hurricane Sandy is threatening to fuck shit up in about 6 hours of writing this post. Then it'll be a good 48 hours of non-stop slamming and slapping around and pounding . . . whew, I need a minute . . .

But isn't it crazy how appropriate this Hurricane's name is? Simple Sandy in Grease goes through some trials and tribulations and picks up steam after being stepped on and ignored and she comes back with leather-clad vengeance . . . ok, another minute, please.

Somewhat related, I want to say part of me is really skeptical. Last year, with the arrival of Hurricane Irene and the rampant calls for evacuations and boarding up store fronts and purchasing of booze and drugs to facilitate an all night orgy, I have reason to believe it is just a way to boost the economy. To quote Samuel L. Jackson, President Obama: you one smart mothafucka'.

To Hurricane Sandy and the the survival and safety of all . . .

Point of the conversation: Always be prepared.

- DeeCue

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