18 September 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: Voguing

She came. I saw. I came.

I will write more, promise. I went to the first show of Madonna's US leg of her MDNA Tour in Philly earlier this month. I am finally recovering by the complete excitement. I am going to post my clips of the best moments as well as footage of me up close and personal having gotten tickets in the Golden Triangle aka pit thanks to my clever and witty roommate who answered a Twitter question posed by her manager, Guy Oseary: why should you get Golden Triangle tickets for the Philly show? His answer? "I am addicted to her love."

Shit. I guess being blunt and saying that I would want the opportunity to bum rush the stage in the hopes of licking her vagina would be too much.

Enjoy this clip from Israel.

- DeeCue

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