05 August 2012

Sunday Tap: I Heart Ryan

I am a self-proclaimed anglophile. I love my white boys. Sure, Ryan Lochte looks like an average frat boy next door, but consider he also has several Olympic medals under his belt, an amazing body, and dicks and ditches girls - cause that's what straight guys do. HOT! Kidding. He clarified that he isn't a one-off kinda guy because he's dedicated to his sport. And seriously, it has paid off.

Despite being adorably silly with his "grill" and a random crazy twitter twit to his Lochte Legion, he is just a good looking guy who has been magnified by his accomplishments. Ok, enough of that - imagine his stamina in bed if you told him that Phelps was waiting outside the boudoir to one-up him? Brace yourself . . .

- DeeCue

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