10 August 2012

Happy Birthday, Whitney and STWTG!

Still not forgotten...

Dear Whitney,

I really hope you are having a grand ol' time in the afterlife. Just so you know, that movie you were working on, Sparkle, is coming out. I really hope it doesn't flop. Jordin Sparks looks really good in it. And so do you . . . well, except for the close up they have of you that makes you look like an old, haggard, coke addicted train wreck. But there were some good shots after that.

Any case, this Aiden James guy did a cover of your song, "I Wanna Dace with Somebody." I always wondered why it wasn't "Someone" because grammatically speaking, I think it's incorrect. Much like that "Grey's Anatomy" song that only became popular because of the show - "Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars." If I just lay here? I'm pretty sure it should be lie here. Ugh, anyway. Happy birthday, bitch!

Speaking of bitches . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STWTG! Two years and still going!

- DeeCue

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