27 May 2012

Sunday Tap

I'm not gonna lie: I took this story off of ManhuntDaily.com. They have some great stories.

They reported on Ryan Murphy, of Glee fame, and his new show "The New Normal," premiering on NBC - the one with the rainbow peacock. In it, he depicts two gay men played by Justin Bartha of The Hangover and Andrew Rannells of The Book of Mormon with a surrogate wanting to form a family, but more importantly validates the married gay couple. I am certain there will be arguments on both sides of the fence about this perpetuating gay stereotypes or this making breakthroughs in American cultural norms. Either way, it is up to Ryan Murphy to help dis-spell the hideous and highlight the good. But for god sake: make it funny? If you have another Curt Hummel running around, I will strangle the next twink who crosses my threshold . . . in a kinky, fetish way of course.

- DeeCue

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