24 April 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: You Go, Ro!

After the Giants won this past Superbowl, there was not much coverage of the altercation that happened off the field. Rosie O'Donnell was talking to a fan, it seems, when a street preacher decided to give his two sense by calling her a "lesbian pig" and to "go do the dishes." To which Rosie replied: "I'm going to fuck my wife." I can't with her. Haha.

But on a serious note, not only is this preacher a homophobe, but he is a sexist asshole, also. I think the proper thing to have said to her was "lesbian pig, go build a house" then we can actually address your homophobia; do we have to address your small-minded AND archaic stupidity also? Not to mention that her kids are there as well. What a dumb ass.

Click here for the video.

- DeeCue

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