03 April 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: My sport requires 4 balls, or multiples of 2 thereafter . . .

So, if you go to BruceWeber.com and go to the Webersode entitled "Other Sport Require One Ball, 2012," you will stumble upon jack worthy footage of a typical scene where 4 hot guys randomly wrestle and pose in a shower stall. (Happens all the time at my gym . . . or bathroom.) And if you go to minute 1:20, you are in for a very (albeit homoerotic) surprise. I get it: A&F is ambiguously gay . . . with it's dark stores reminiscent of that basement of the gay video store on 8th Ave (you know the one), pumping jungle house music reminiscent of the Black Party last weekend, overpowering cologne reminiscent of poppers from later that night night, and the half naked boys at the door reminiscent of Sunday morning. Thank you, Mr Weber.

- DeeCue

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