17 April 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: Cooper's RidicuList

The silver-haired fox strikes again with absolute cuteness.

I remember back in high school when Anderson Cooper was on a little teen-CNN program called Channel One (not silver haired yet) and was the only one who seemed to be sent in the middle of harms way saying insane things like "It's really bad out here, back to you Lisa Ling at the hacienda!" Oy vey!

In any case, his coverage of the NYC ball dropping at New Years and little other news events like Hurricane Katrina should earn him some respect. Oh, also that he has a hot man-friend Benjamin Maisani, co-owner of East Village gay bar Eastern Bloc. In the clip, Anderson is caught off guard with the phrase "pussy willows" as it is used to describe the odd rituals practiced during Dyngus Day, the day after Easter. Clearly thrown back to Catherine Turner's portrayal of the crazy "Serial Mom," Coop cannot contain himself as he giggles as if his balls were being tickled with pussy willows as well. Adorable.

- DeeCue

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