08 April 2012

Sunday Tap

Something about Gay-Lebrities put the roll in my eye-roll, the tongue in my tongue-in-cheek.

The two pictured above were in Key West last weekend to promote I guess . . . themselves at Bourbon Street Pub, one of the gay bars on Duval. Derek Lloyd Saathoff and Austin Armacost of Logo's "A-List New York" fame were and are indeed nice guys. They were a breath of fresh NYC air amidst the tourist-trap of an island that is Key West. Honestly: if I heard another red neck wearing a Key West souvenir shirt from the Citgo say "This IS paradise," I was going to go ballistic.

Sometimes coming across as self-important, the boys rattled off what they were up to in between tapings of the show. Then I realized: I was doing the same. I don't know if there is psychology to it, but you try to put your best self forth and in the process risk coming across as arrogant or better yet a douchebag. In any case, these two guys are much like anyone who isn't a pseudo-celebrity.

- DeeCue

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