28 March 2012


What is it about subways?!

I was taking an early train into the city to catch a 9am showing of Hunger Games in IMAX. I know... such a bad ass. Listen, it's only eleven bucks in the morning. Deal with it.

Anyway, I was on the N, once again, and there was this angry looking tattooed guy sitting across from me. I was doing a bit of writing, headphones in, minding my own business but I would occasionally glance up and this guy would be looking at me.

Now, there was no way this was his checking me out. He looked more like he wanted to beat the shit out of me. And I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover but we're talking about a guy with a hundred dollar bill tattooed across his neck, Jesus on the back of his hand, and "FUCK LIFE" across his knuckles... throw in the death glares and I didn't know what the hell else to think!

We happened to get off at the same stop and I wasn't really watching where he went and so I just continued on my way, excited for my movie. I got to street level and paused for a moment to take my phone off airplane mode when I felt a rough tap on my arm... It was him.

I hesitantly took one of my earbuds out...

"What's ya name?" The guy sounded exactly as I would have imagined. Deer in headlights, I gave my real name, instantly regretting it. This was it... I was about to be beaten at eight o' clock in the morning.

"Take my number." That's exactly what he said... Out of shock and uncertainty more than anything else, I took his number. He never told me his name. Didn't ask me out. Just said: "You gonna call me? Call me later today."

I walked away from that moment so shocked from what had just happened that I did the only thing anyone would have done in my shoes... I texted my best friend telling her everything and changed a single digit of the guys number in my phone so if I ever saw him again I'd have an excuse for not calling.

Topic of Conversation: Was I a douchebag for doing that or am I just a non-confrontational person who really wanted to see a brilliant movie at discounted rates?

-Sir Gation

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