13 March 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: I Can't

Gays in the military. Gay marriage. Gay rights. Gay parents. Gay gay gay.

Ask me five years ago if I really even cared about any of these "gay" things, I would probably have said "eh." But over these last few years, I'm beginning to realize that it does matter. After watching "The Weekend," I've kept an eye out for gay films that depicted gay culture in a real way. Movies like Trick and Latter Days just seemed cheesey to me. Brokeback Mountain, although a real tear-jerker (how am I supposed to quit Heath Ledger?) was too . . . Hollywood. Something about big-budget productions speaks to me as a hopeful-money maker instead of sincere representation.

In any case, after watching this trailer for forthcoming movie I Do, I've also realized that we as a community are definitely being cheated. Not news to most, but after all the legal jargon and all the protests and all the political flip-flopping, this "gay" struggle is all about human rights. There are feelings behind all of it. There are people behind all of it. So, the things I thought were silly years ago are things I now know are rights I can't just say "eh" to anymore.

- DeeCue

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