27 March 2012

Tubular Tuesdays: Girl Gone Wild

Kids, I am just going to own up to it now: any Madge moments or videos I am going to put up here shamelessly. She is a goddess. I will defend her till the end. (See here). The problem is that these twinkie bitchy queens don't know what she has done in regards to her own career and has done for our community to understand the wonder that is she. I bow to her as often as I bow to he who was this past Sunday's post - different kind of bow though. In any case, like I said in the blog post at ManhuntDaily, she is a business woman and marketing genius; just when you think she has exhausted every channel, she comes out with something else. But it is not an imitation of anyone except herself, a REINVENTION if you will. Britney, Gaga, and all them other bitches are imitating her, girls.

- DeeCue

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