04 March 2012

Sunday Tap

I've had my share of fighting, but watching two hot guys who know what the fuck they are doing turns me on like a light switch.

But here is the twist: FX has a new season of reality next Friday with Ultimate Fighter Live starring Dakota Cochrane . . . formerly "Danny" of Sean Cody. However, the idea that this once gay-for-pay porn star is now part of a reality series is totes different from the Million Dollar Listing boy Fredrik Eklund aka Tag Eriksson. I am certain Fredrik is all about the publicity and is pretty much not ashamed of his poop-chute past. But Dakota on the onther hand is; he is quoted as saying to MMA he regrets having done porn in his past. He asks to take into account that he was a broke college kid (with no foresight to the notion that this may bite him in the ass later, apparently). Silly. Anyway, he is making it and from the looks of things, he should be a contender in the game. But I still don't get this whole "I am straight and I took it up the butt for pay" business. He says that he originally went in for solo gigs, but when they started waving some really high numbers (80K total) to get it up the arse, he couldn't turn it down. And judging from the photos, I suppose bottoming pays more cuz' he clearly can get it up to fuck. Which brings me to that question: why not just fuck a dude? Wouldn't that be considered "less gay" in the straight world of thought? Did I just open up a can of worms with that question? I guess if someone waved that much money for me to fuck a chick, I'd be down. MAYBE.

- DeeCue

Here he is in the Sean Cody bit. At least he's on top. Kinda. Go to his SeanCody.com page to check out all the scenes he did for pay, ahem.

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