14 March 2012

Stranger Danger

So I'm working this flyer job right now that's pretty much shit. I stand on the street handing out flyers and talking nonstop for six hours at a time.  So when an older guy standing around smoking a cigarette started talking to me I was glad to stop and rest my voice. He was nice enough, one of those people who can talk up a stranger for an hour even if the person is obviously not in the least bit interested. The conversation started off innocent enough, asking what I went to school for, what I really wanted to do for work, and so on. As we chatted he would throw in little compliments about my shoes, my personality, my smile. It slowly became more and more uncomfortable escalating into telling me he likes to go to a bar, have a few drinks, and go to a LEGAL (he made sure to emphasize legal) Russian massage parlor. Not two minutes later, he asked if I would like to go for a drink later... Now, this guy was easily in his late sixties. I kindly denied, lying and saying I had a boyfriend whom I was very happy with. I tried to end the conversation then, getting back to handing out flyers, eager to end this awkwardness. Wouldn't you know, that's when all sidewalk traffic fell dead. It was just him and me, standing on the street corner and still 10 minutes left in my shift.  Thats when it got worse. He started asking me about my first sexual experience, my kinkiest sex, if I preferred hand jobs or blow jobs... I was never so glad to be done with work. Point of the conversation: If you see something, say something. Stranger danger, ladies and gentlemen, stranger danger.  - Sir Gation

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