05 March 2012

Quit Staring

At the Starbucks around the corner from me, the baristas are a colorful bunch of chubby girls, mellow bears, and bitchy queens.

In a mad dash to get my dose of a Venti java, I stood in line behind a tired and scruffy guy in his crubs - whether or not he was a doctor or nurse coming off a long shift was a different story, but I wouldn't doubt it since the medical facility is a few blocks away. As soon as he left, instead of taking my order, the well-groomed young man/girl when to the back of the room and audibly screeched: "Gurl! Did you see that!?" I was about to jump over the counter, make my own coffee, and gab with them, but I stopped myself: is what he just did disrepectful?

When I think about the image of an attractive woman at a construction site and the hot, sweaty, and often times burly men cat-calling and whistling, I'm sometimes mortified or pissed off. I used to think it was funny, how things are or should be. But how awful. Should I feel the same way, because I do, when gay guys do it to other guys (not knowing if they are straight or gay, or just at all). It is this behavior - non-discretionary behavior - that makes me want to claw out those bitches eyes and sit them down for a talking to about manners because for some reason I feel like if they ever got called out on it, they would be the first to pull out the pink card as defense and they are just perpetuating some stupid stereotype of overly-sexed gays?

Maybe I'm just getting older and more fuddy-duddy-ish, but I don't appreciate watching people being sexually harrassed by a few of my (gay) people when they are just trying to get a triple shot skinny soy latte early in the morning under the assumption they are gay and may appreciate some attention in the off chance they may like it since the comments were within earshot. Just sayin'.

Point of the conversation: Keep it to yourself.

- DeeCue


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