21 March 2012

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please...

If you've ever been to NYC for a length of time, chances are you took a ride on the subway. Chances are that on that ride, you encountered at least one interesting character. Personally, I'm convinced that they live down there in some underground society and that the sunlight burns their skin but that's beside the point.

I recently took a ride on the N train and, as usual, it really liked to make long stops between stations for "train traffic". But from the moment I got on the train, a young guy decided to check me out... and by check me out... I mean stare at me. Non stop. The entire train ride.

He seemed like a sweet enough guy, not inherently creepy, but also not really my type. But this guy, he stood there on this crowded subway train and stared at me, never averting his gaze. Even when I looked at him, he just looked me right in the eye and continued to smile. This went on for a good twenty minutes until he got off the subway, looking back at me one last time. I have never been so undressed with my eyes...

Point of the story: There's a line between flirting and eye raping. Make sure you know what side of it you're on.

-Sir Gation

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