12 February 2012

Sunday Tap

When I saw the trailer for the next season of Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing this time set in NYC, I knew I recognized one of the realtors. As soon as he opened his mouth, I remembered: Swedish cast member Fredrik Eklund is porn star Tag Eriksson. Some hub-bub has been going around that Bravo is exploiting the gays and such, but I think it's great that a porn star is now making a living selling more than just his body. And a nice one at that - just look him up. Plus, he is evidence that despite a non-traditional "past," one can still be accepted in mainstream. I guess there is hope for me in the future. He is best know for his films "The Hole" and "American Porn Star."

Million Dollar Listing Season Premier, March 7, Bravo TV

- DeeCue

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