05 February 2012

Sunday Tap: Superbowl XL

Happy Superbowl everyone! Whether you are a Giants fan or a Patriots fan, you have to admit it is a somewhat interesting time of year. Where else can you see a whole bunch of straight folk get so excited over a bunch of heterosexual titans intentionally ramming into each other - Corbin Fisher doesn't count. C'mon: with "positions" like tight-end and wide-receiver; the quarterback reaching under a guy's ass for the snap; nicely fitting uniform bottoms; and hypermasculine slaps on each others' asses, what's not to like? Of course, I will be anxiously awaiting Madonna for her half-time performance while all others will be anxiously awaiting her for the half-time pee break. For those not savvy to the characters above, they are Quarterbacks (QBs) Eli Manning (New York Giants), Tim Tebow (Denver Broncos), and Tom Brady (New England Patriots). I realize that Tebow isn't part of the bowl this year (poor guy and his reliance on the higher being instead of his own talents), but he is probably the only one out of the three who has a nice body as well as a face that's easy on the eyes - sorry, Eli. Go Giants!

- DeeCue

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