19 February 2012

Sunday Tap: "Dancing in Houston"

So, whatever: I hadn't been listening to her since The Bodyguard. I laughed along with the gaggle of gays at 'Cuda when an amateur drag queen would roll up impersonating her with a huge puff of baby powder on her nose. And ok, I jumped on the "I miss her so much, she was so talented, gone too soon" bandwagon. So what? When you lose talent, you lose talent. Besides, who doesn't like a nice mashup every now and then? Guaranteed: you have at least one of the Glee mashups on your iPod playlists. Enjoy her and stop hating.

UPDATE: Yesterday was Houston's funeral. Mixture of emotions. The celebration of her life was probably slated for a little over 2 hours, but turned out to be about 4 with a dramatic, but appropriate ending to the tune of "I Will Always Love You." Celebrities like Stevie Wonder, cousin Dionne Warwick, Kevin Costner, and Alicia Keys made the appearance in their own way: with a tune, a few words of remembrance, or some organizational help. Not in attendance? Bobby Brown who showed up with an entourage of uninvited guests; only "close family and friends" (as deemed by Cissy Houston). As he left in frustration due to seating arrangements, he was asked why he was leaving. He yelled back: "IT'S MY PREROGATIVE!" Ok, ok. I reused that one.

- DeeCue

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