15 February 2012

My Smelly Valentine

Hello all you beautiful strangers out there!

My name is Sir Gation and I'm your new Mister Hump Day! I hope you all had an at least story worthy, if not wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was... well, interesting.

So as an unintentional rule, I've been alone every vDay of my life. The cards have just always fallen that way and I've learned to love it. I was sitting on a bench outside a coffee shop downtown, sipping a cappuccino, watching frantic men everywhere rushing past with bouquets of flowers and bags from fancy jewelry stores. I was deeply engrossed in my sick and slightly bitter fascination when a guy stopped right in front of me.

"I love your shoes." He said this in such a casual way that it took me a minute to realize I didn't actually know him. His thick beard and ragged appearance had me baffled as he rode the fine line between ultra hipster and homeless person.

This guy continued to compliment my shoes, which were in fact bowling shoes, and went on a strange tirade about a local second hand store. As he went on about how this particular establishment was never very nice to him whenever he would try to sell clothing, he would repeatedly throw in unexpected compliments about my smile, my hair, my laugh (which was very forced).

By the time he finally said goodbye and continued on the street, I was nearly certain this young guy was merely an extreme hipster looking for love on vDay...

Then I saw the collection cup.

As he walked away, I watched him pull a collection cup out of his sweatshirt and proceed to jingle the change inside as he passed people. That's right... yours truly was hit on by a homeless man on Valentine's Day 2012.

Point of the Story: Everyone needs love on Valentine's Day. Even the homeless.

-Sir Gation

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