29 February 2012

Daily Grind

Happy Hump Day Strangers!

It's been a rainy few days here in NYC and all the gays are out to play.

Like most of you out there, I have a couple GPS (Gay Positioning System) Apps on my iPhone. I understand fully that 90% of the guys on there are looking for instant sexual gratification (DeeCue talked on this a while back.) But I'm one of the 10% who is just open for conversation... and has a sick fascination for seeing who's under a hundred feet away and then trying to spot them.

It also clearly states on my profile:
"Not into cheap pick ups or hook ups."
So when I received a message this morning I really had only one polite response...

He never responded.

Point of Conversation: Are we really such a fickle community? Is it too much to ask for a 'Hello' or even coffee/drinks before fuck like bunnies? Is it too much to want a connection with a person, to actually like a person for something other than their stats before I feel like putting out?

Until next week, stay dry out there!
-Sir Gation

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