04 February 2012

Danke Schoen

Bueller? Bueller? Gosh, that brings back so many memories. The svelt Matthew Broderick and company introduced a world of playing hookey I envied but which could not be replicated in my Catholic high school environs by the time I reached Senior year. Maybe it was made impossible because I didn't have the charisma to fenagle myself onto a parade float. Or maybe it's because I didn't have a busybody principal who would go as far as to look for my ass at home - in which case, I would have made sure I was home to greet Fr. Anthony in my skivvies and distress, in dire need of a tuck in and temperature taken. With the Superbowl a day away, the commercials are popping up on Youtube with millions of views. Matthew Broderick, 30 years later, reenacts his famous Chi-town flick for Honda. Where the fuck is Cameron?

- DeeCue

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