09 January 2012

Medieval Two-Timed

A few weeks back, I talked about my white knight experience. What do you know: I found the Medieval Times announcer as well on an unnamed iPhone gay app and eventually added a knotch to my bed post which, at the moment, looks like a totem pole.

Let me get this out of the way: Jordan is partnered-up; has a live in boyfriend; is taken - call it what you like. I know, I know: I'm a home-wrecker. But in my defense, he could have ended conversation. PLUS he pursued me. AND why was he on that app anyhow? Happily partnered my tight, bubble ass (shameless promotion). Only after a few key questions asked by me were the pieces put together:

1. When can you hang usually? In the morning until 6, 7pm the latest.
2. Can you ever travel? After 6pm on days other than weekends.
3. Do you have a boyfriend you live with? Yes.

We hooked up anyway. The sex was great, but the afterward is what I enjoyed the most. I found out a bit about him: he is a bartender with theater experience which included the Renaissance Faire on his CV. (Hm: think Paul Rudd in the final scene of Role Models.) As a result of this very unique resume worthy job, he is under the employ of Medieval Times. (Not at the same time as the white knight, though. Imagine? I would've had to have been the princess in distress and it would've been a great tale.) He is the announcer which got my devious juices going. "Can you give me your spiel?" "Now?" "Yes." "Naked?" "Yes." "Ok . . . ahem . . . Ladies and gentleman: welcome . . ." And he kept going. I couldn't control the hysterics.

Point of the conversation: I've got friends in low places.

- DeeCue

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