23 January 2012

He is "The One" . . . I Hope . . .

I am pretty sure I am not rude and fairly truthful with people - despite being drunk if alcohol is involved.

I met Steve on Scruff. He took the Monday before Christmas off to get some shopping done for family up in the New England parts of the Americas. He hit me up while I was on a short break and we sent each other messages all day and I realized that despite being on the phone, we weren't really using it so I dropped my digits and made a plan to chat later in the evening.

It's a lost art-form. Using a phone to call someone, I mean. When I was in my early twenties, the idea of calling always brought tons of feelings, but mostly anxiety rolled in excitement. And that's what is missing anymore: the excitement. Hoping on any of the websites or apps is as mindless as ordering my morning coffee at the Starbucks on the way to work. True, electronics and texting alleviates the pressure of actual rejection or obligation, but it's also the one thing that's lacking if you don't put yourself out there in a bar scenario, let's say. I was just having this conversation with my friend Riz (not really his name). We talked about the human contact is slowly fading and there is a need for it - lest we become socially inept idiots. More recently, I have found texting to be more mentally draining. Case in point: you follow up on a date. Once you send the text, if there isn't a near immediate response, your mind races with possibilities: What did I do? What is he doing? Is the non-texting justified? Should I elevate the texting to stalker status and text again? Ugh, just call the fucker.

(Stepping down from soap-box)

In that phone conversation, we exchanged pleasantries about our day and the possibility of meeting later in the week. We made tentative plans for Thursday evening at a Mediterranean joint in Midtown. Fast forward to Thursday: I showed a few minutes early and sat at the bar and ordered a glass of a Croatian Welsh-Riesling. He arrived on time. Such a pleasant surprise: polite, soft-spoken, intelligent, well-traveled, better looking than his already good photos. The meet and greet turned out to be a five hour date which was punctuated with a kiss outside the bar in the rain. Then we went our separate ways.

Point of the conversation: A date is so much more worthwhile than a hook-up.

- DeeCue

PS. He wasn't the one.

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