16 January 2012

Am I Wrong?

You find yourself in a position where you do not like someone. But let's back up. Initially, you attempt the dating situation differently by texting instead of talking on the phone - so you can get to know him. For about a week's time, day after day, text message after text message, you build them up to be something that "could be." But you meet them, and all those fantastical ideas are just that. The bubble bursts and reality sets in: they are boring, a tad OCD, and, well, not as attractive as they purported in pictures given.

You meet for the first time. The option of leaving presents itself, but you don't. You have a good two-hour sit-down dinner date. Wine shared, stories told. But once ways are parted, the next several days ahead are the tell-tale sign: you don't text as much. You don't respond as quickly. You don't care. The reaction to your behavior?

Dan: This is socially clumsy of me I'm sure, but...are you mad at me for some reason?
DeeCue: Hey Dan, not mad at all. I am just realizing that I don't think we are a match, so I took the pussy way out and stopped contacting.
Dan: Ah. I felt like something was up, but thought I was being paranoid. Well. I'm sorry to hear it; I was growing fond of you. Ok, well, I guess that's that.
DeeCue: Sorry. Good luck. Happy and Merry.

I told the truth. But why do I still feel bad?

Point of the conversation: Contrary to popular belief, I have a heart.

- DeeCue

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