20 December 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Orientation . . . Not the Gay Kind

I missed out big time. I went to a relatively small, conservative college over (gulp) a decade ago. It always seemed like shit was being reinvented every year - from class scheduling to campus policies on drinking. Let a kid drink in a timely manner, people. Aside from the drinking, I vaguely remember my first day orientation leader - I want to say he was a gamer-type with no real college social pearls of wisdom to share with the group of doe-eye freshmen except for his expert advice about covering your solo cups to avoid getting rufied. Duh: why would I do a stupid thing like that, idiot? In any case, this guy in a mock meeting with their leader, a gaggle of collegiate hopefuls are oriented by a boisterous, personable, and informative cutie. I may have come out way sooner if I had him to hlook up to. To which I say, [Proper Name of my Alma Mater]: WTF! Get it together and recruit the gay boys.

- DeeCue

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