15 November 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Who are you, really?

Not quite of the previously documented "military bromance" variety, but still entertaining and kinda hot is the "Animal" video on YouTube, song by Miike Snow, Swedish indie pop peops. Whenever I see videos where there is a group with seemingly unique roles or personalities, I try to rationalize which one I would be: ie. N*Sync - Lance Bass; Mean Girls - Gretchen Weiner; NKOTB - Jon; Menudo - the Mexican; Spice Girls - Graduation Song Spice; gay gang bang (any) - the bottom. In any case, I found it hard to pick myself out in this one.

I would never be Seth; I am not a mullet guy. Well, I was. A product of the 80s, my mom and dad thought it was cute - the same way parents now make their kids sport faux-hawks. Come on: the douche-baggery needs to stop.

I wouldn't be Preston; his "jiggle" is too ape-like and weirds me out - much like the words "moist," "triscuit," and "panties" weird me out to this day. OK: I'm the strange one.

Under no circumstances would I be Dan; I don't like how he "circles" or "dances." Nor do I like his couch scene; he is overly dramatic like the thearter kids in college. Here's the thing: not EVERYTHING scripted as funny is actually funny, assholes. Also, if I had balls flying at my face, I'd be all over it and take it like a man.

Which takes me to Ryan, my video-me; I am known to wear a bold, top with stripes; I rock thick, rimmed glasses as well; and he is calm and cool, legs crossed in his couch scene - unlike Dan. And he is clearly the bottom.

- DeeCue

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