22 November 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Up "Hill" Battle

Hopefully, I am not scooping Maura with this one and I am hardly the one to get political - which won't. But this is a follow up to her post on September 28, "There are Many Kinds of Bullies." On November 19, Stephen Hill - next to his husband, Joshua Snyder - responded to why he asked the Republican presidential candidates on September 22 his question regarding the progress made on openly gay servicemen and whether or not they will continue that positive movement. He also reacts to the heckles heard 'round the world and explains, matter-of-factly, why he asked the question at all.

"I want it to be always about them; not about me. This is about all those people serving."

Maura: I hope you are happy I am getting my "political" on. ;)

- DeeCue

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