01 November 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: He's Definitely on Top

In my opinon, one of the more difficult aspects of homo-dating is trying to figure out who will ultimately be the top and who will be the bottom. How many times have I chatted up a guy at a bar who is physically my type only to find out between the sheets we would end up bumping purses and default to rubbing one out  in disappointment? Ok, ok: stop getting all defensive. It isn't EVERYTHING, but come on, now: the one thing that separates two gay guys from being just friends and in a relationship (or sex-lationship) is whether you are sexually compatible. And please: spare me with the "if you like someone, you both will flip for each other" bit. I call bull. I, for one, take it up the butt and am proud to say that I like it up the butt. Sure I can lick and stick, but do I want to ultimately? No, thanks.

But I digress. Ever more apparent to me is the notion that tops are always burly and masculine, bottoms are  always delicate and feminine no longer applies. I am aware it's a mixed bag now, or maybe always has been - the problem with stereotypes. My point is you can't tell anymore and you either have to feel it out pre-coitus or just ask out-right. Do that or just suffer the consequences of awkwardness or pleasant surprise. (Which totally reminds me of the time I asked my best friend in high school: "Are you a top or bottom?" He said it was rude to ask. "So, how the fuck would you know?" I thought to myself.) The Tubular Tuesday video for today is from this season's SNL - tangentially related to my thoughts.

- DeeCue

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