29 November 2011

Tubular Tuesdays: Bait Bust

Props to ManhuntDaily.com for always having some great video footage. This week's Tubular Tuesday post - borrowed from Manhunt - focuses on the stupidity and impossibility of gay-for-pay actors. Before I saw some goon on the Motel Williams Show who stated that he was a gay for pay actor, I assumed everyone who did homo-porn was indeed gay. Reasonable doubt set in when a few guys started popping up everywhere claiming the "gay-for-pay" status. But after writing about the guys I've had the pleasure of pleasuring, I have come to the conclusion that it's all an act. Just like I enjoy the company of a "straight" guy who happens to be gay for me, avid smut viewers enjoy the men of "Sean Cody," "Bait Bus," "Cody Cummings," et al. It's all fantasy. One I happily partake in - but can't help but mock in the back of my mind. Here's a glimpse of said mind.

- DeeCue

PS Happy Birthday!

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