21 November 2011

Shit or Get Off the Internet

This post is going to be a short rant about a recent correspondance that didn't come to fruition. Apologies.

My typical social network check of Manhunt, Grindr, Scruff, Jack'd, and Craigslist ensued moments before my date with the Sandman last Friday night. Nothing worth mentioning except for one guy who was leaving to visit home for Thanksgiving week - looking forward to meeting him. The other guy hit me up on Jack'd and asked when we could hang out. Great. Awesome. Sure.

Numbers exchanged and plans were made for the next morning.

He happened to live around where I was going to do a run in the city in the morning so I told him I could stop by after to meet him or I could come by before it, his choice. "Get in touch with me tomorrow before your run and text me when you are 15 minutes away. Can't wait to tongue that hole." He gave me his phone number, his building address, his apartment number, his social security number, his mother's maiden name - the guy wanted me to contact him. Woot, woot!

Next morning, I text him a heads up but he tells me that after would be better because his roommate just came home - at 5:45 in the morning. Suspicious, but no problem. After my run, however, was out right dumb. I text him. No answer. I show up at his apartment, buzz his bell and text him a heads up. I also see that he is on Jack'd and send him a message. No answer.

I leave and send a last text, "guess not."

Later that day, I look on Jack'd and notice that he isn't on my past list of recently contacted. He wasn't there. So, before deleting our short chat, I send him the following message: "LOL and you blocked me? Just curious: why ho through all that effort? Not angry or anything, just don't understand that." Which truly I did not. No intention to hook up? Why waste someone's time?

Happy Monday.

Point of the Conversation: There is no in between.

- DeeCue

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